Monday, May 26, 2008

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoo
A nice black Celtic tattoo design positioned on the back.

Lower leg Celtic Tattoo
Celtic tattooed on lower leg.
Celtic tattoo lower leg Picture 2.
Celtic tattoo lower leg Picture 3.
Celtic tattoo lower leg Picture 4.

Colored Celtic Tattoo
Celtic circular color braided knotwork.

Celtic Knots
True black rendition Celtic Horse Knot design.

Celtic Heart Tattoo
Celtic heart tattoo on left ankle.
"Six hearts each represent a member of my family including a baby we miscarried. Celtic design also symbolizes my Irish heritage."

Celtic cross tattoo
Black Celtic cross tattoo.
Another cross with more Celtic knotwork.
Simple Color Cross Tattoo

Celtic Tattoo Art Design
Colored Celtic Tattoo Art Design