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Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back TattoosSo you want to look sexy, and hence decided to get a lower back tattoo? But before that, make sure you follow certain rules while selecting your tattoo design. Also, read through these tips for getting a "lower back tattoo".

Lower Back Tattoo - Look Sexy With the Right Tattoo Design
Sexy Girl With Lower Back Rose Tribal Tattoo

By Jay Aron

Let's cut to the chase. Lower back tattoos are meant for one reason alone - to make you look sexier. And unlike tattoo designs for other parts of your body, your lower back tattoo design needs extra attention during the selection process or else it will be a complete disaster.

Before getting a lower back tattoo, there are a few things to remember. The first and the foremost, which almost goes without saying, is to select the perfect tattoo design.

Sexy girl with a tattoo design of stars on the lower back and waist line Sexy girl with a lower back tattoo of a dolphin

A girl with a lower back tattoo of a butterfly and tribal tattoo designsA perfect design means two things over here. One, it should be a design which you like (and will hopefully like for years to come). Second, it needs to be the right shape and at the right place on your lower back. A V-shape tattoo design is normally best suited for the lower back. However for some people, having odd shapes like a butterfly is the way to go.

Trivia - Guess what design did Julia Roberts choose for her lower back tattoo?
Answer - A butterfly!
Another thing to keep in mind is deciding when to get the tattoo inked. A tattoo on your lower back needs extra planning. Be prepared to wear loose waist pants for a few days for the skin to heal. Don't get yourself inked if you are having a particularly busy month at work or home as the tattoo needs some time to heal, and the last thing you would want to do is mess up the design.

Sexy women with a beautiful sexy lower and upper back tattoo design
Sexy women with a beautiful lower and upper back tattoo design.

Like always, pay extra attention to the design you choose. Due to their shape and size, lower back tattoo designs are a different category all together compared to other tattoo designs. Go through as many design books or online galleries as you can. A lot of ladies like to go for Celtic, butterfly, dragon or flower tattoos. Though in my opinion, there is nothing better than a V-shaped design.

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Lower Back Tattoos Tribal Designs Gallery

Bottom line (no pun intended), if you want to get a lower back tattoo, search for a perfect design first...
Get more Cultural - Get a Thai tiger tattoo on your lower back like Angelina Jolie did!
Or if that's not you taste, then make sure you browse through various free and paid tattoo galleries here before you choose a tattoo design for you lower back.
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